12 Laws of Burning Fat: Laws 7-12

Posted on Oct 10, 2010 by Anthony

By now I’m sure you’ve read and digested the first 6 Laws – Here is the second half of my blog on the 12 Laws of Fat Burning. I’ve included my own tips on each one to help make them even easier for all of you to apply:


This works by increasing you overall meatbolism: everytime you eat your metabolism rises slightly, especially for meals that contain protein. Eating 6 times a day is good; seven to eight is even better. **But remember, because you’re eating more frequently doesn’t mean you should be eating more per day. Instead, determine the amount of total calories you’re going to eat and spread it over a greater number of meals.

Anthony's Note: When you only eat 1-3 meals per day, your body goes into "starvation mode" and stores carbs and fats, as fat, to use as fuel for later. When you eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours, your body does not go into starvation mode, therefore it burns more fat throughout the day for fuel rather than storing it.


Make this meal a focus of your daily regimen. You’ll feel a better sense of well being and have energy for your next workout. If you skip this meal you’ll have trouble recovering and may fall into a state of overtraining.

Anthony's Note: Oh, and what to eat post-workout? This is the only time you can have fast digesting carbs; ideally this should be a shake consisiting of a sugary beverage such as Snapple or artificial fruit juice and 20-30 grams of whey protein powder. If you’d rather have real food, you can enjoy a small serving of pasta or rice and a portion of protein.


Fast carbs(sugars, fruit juices..) inhibit fat-loss during your workout by inreasing insulin levels and decreasing the rise in epinephrine you normally get in a workout. For the same reason they’re also are more likely to be stored in fat cells rather than replenishing your glycogen levels.

Anthony’s Note: Fast digesting carbs are also responisble for the “bonk” some athletes experience during training. Slow digesting carbs(oatmeal, wheat bread/noodles..) are the key here; consume a medium sized meal composed of slow-burning carbs and protein at least one hour before your workout and you should feel energized for your entire session (this would be a good time to have your Oatmeal).


This is an advanced fat-loss technique used by many people once they’re a few weeks into their diet. What you do is have two consecutive low carb days every two weeks, forcing your body to burn fat for fuel; by low-carb, I mean under 75 grams of carbs for women, 100 for men.

Anthony’s Note: It’s best to try this on two consecutive non-workout days. And too much of a good thing is not good for you. Just because cutting carbs for a couple of days is good, cutting them for an entire week won’t be better. If you go low carb for too long you cause a negative cascade in your body that stops fat-loss!


You may have enjoyed killer 2 hour workouts when you weren’t dieting, but now that you are, you’ve got to be aware that you’re more likely to overtrain and will have a harder time recovering from workouts. This could even get you sick, so do your best to avoid it.

Anthony’s Note: Working out stresses your nervous system to the max! It is very easy to become overtrained. This is not fun, trust me, I know first hand! You can become constantly sick and even worse - stuck in a plateau! It could take weeks to recover from overtraining. Rest and recovery is the key to weight loss and muscle gain.


Cardio increases the calories you burn and increases norepinephrine levels. Doing cardio on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning before breakfast allows norepinephrine to target your fat-cells directly, without inhibition from the hormones involved in digestion. Now, you wouldn't want to get up and go run a marathon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. But, to kick start your day with some good fat burn, this is the way to go.

Anthony’s Note: The second best time is right after your workout, when your body’s glycogen stores are empty and fat is more likely to be burned for energy. http://sbi0.sitesell.com/cgi-bin/Solo Build It/graphicsLib.pl?NAME_1=ButtomBanner1.jpg&AFF_CODE=225717&DOMAIN=vipfitnessms.com&THEBUTTON=BUTTON_CLICK&SHOW_1=Show%2BMe&COUNT=1

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