VIP Methods of Training

VIP FITNESS | PERSONAL TRAINING. Our methods get results, period, and here's how we'll do it:

1. Intense Workouts: Workouts that make a physiological impact and force your body to adapt.

2. Targeted Training: Only the methods of exercise that are right for you body, accentuating your strengths and hiding your weaknesses.

3. Advanced Techniques: Exercise techniques exclusive to our program that has been proven to deliver better results.

4. Ongoing Coaching: I'm here for you 24/7 to coach and motivate you through the transformation that'll probably change your life!

I take a lot of pride in the training program. It's taken me nearly ten years to develop, and I would love to demonstrate it to you through our 3 SESSION INTRO PACKAGE, at either our Madison or Brandon location. You can find out more about it at the bottom of this page, and you can reach me at (601) 521-9336 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Here's some more information the training programs we offer:

Strength & Conditioning

At VIP Fitness, exercise science is the key to unlocking your body’s optimal strength and conditioning potential. Under the guidance of the NSCA, ACSM, and NASM standards, the foundation is built on a comprehensive evaluation including, age, weight, cardiovascular fitness, joint function and exercise history. Based on your profile, a customized program of resistance training, aerobic conditioning, balance and agility/flexibility-based techniques is strategically integrated. The goal: to increase strength, power and endurance; develop a lean, well-conditioned physique; and encourage longevity. Utilizing stability balls, medicine balls, free weights, jump ropes, kettle bells, tubing and even your own body’s resistance, our Focus trainers ensure a compelling, progressively challenging experience for men and women of all ages.

Weight Loss & Nutrition

Good nutrition is one of the focuses our program: the scientific backbone of your strength, conditioning, and ultimate success quotient. In tandem with ASN* guidelines, we assess your current “nutrition component” (daily food and alcohol intake, food allergies, restaurant choices) and weight fluctuations to determine what’s holding you back –and what dietary modifications will speed you forward. We’ll supplement your workouts with a comprehensive nutrition program to kick start your metabolism. A food plan to feed muscle and shed fat. A food plan tailored to your body’s specific needs– with frequently-monitored, measurable goals. One that increases your food choice options, decreases your cravings and loss of control, and is in sync with your continuously changing lifestyle. Together, your VIP workouts and nutritional program will improve your fitness recovery time, your mood and your life.

* The American Society for Nutrition

FIT6 Group Training

Ropes, ViPRs, Kettlebells, Plyo and more. FIT6 combines the intensity and customization of one-on-one personal training with the proven results of small group training. FIT6 isn’t like typical boot camp workouts. It has it all: limited class size, personal attention, exercise variety, interval training, and a recession-proof price tag. Comfortably and conveniently located in our private facility. Finally…a way to achieve your fitness goals with an affordable program led by expert trainers.

Pre-Post Natal

Pre-Natal Studies indicate that exercising during pregnancy can result in easier labor and a faster return to a woman’s pre-pregnancy body. In fact, habits adopted during pregnancy could affect a woman’s health for the rest of her life. Our pre/post-natal Fitness Trainers have in-depth knowledge of the safest and most effective exercises for our clients and their babies. Benefits of pre-natal exercise programs include: increased circulation and endurance; decreased back pain; and strengthening and stretching for essential muscle groups (hips, back, abdominals and pelvic floor). Post-Natal The ACOG also recommends a gradual return to activity post-partum for a strong core and overall fitness. In conjunction with sound nutrition, we’ll project short and long-term goals that relieve stress, increase metabolism, build strength and shed unwanted pounds.

*Guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Medical Exercise

At VIP, clients who have been ill, injured or diagnosed with a medical condition are provided with medically oriented exercise programs to enhance health, function, performance and quality of life. Examples of our expertise in specialized medical exercise include: Hypertension, Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and more.

Check out some video demonstrations. Do not be intimidated if you are not at this level yet. We customize all programs for YOUR ability. These are just examples of how we fat blast!