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”I was always active and in shape growing up. After college, slowly but surely I started to pack on the pounds. I had tried all the diets, even going to the gym. I could never seem to make any progress. VIP Fitness not only showed me how to make the weight come off, but the also explained how. Now I have a true understanding of how the body works and can easily maintain my new figure. Thanks for everything!” Laura- Madison, MS

”I will admit that I was very skeptical at first of investing into a personal trainer. I thought at my age that getting fat is inevitible and all those fast metabolisms are for the younger crowd. Anthony showed me that a metabolism and weight loss can be controlled no matter what age. All I had to do was commit to it and that's just what I did. I feel like I am back in my 20's again!” Dave- Jackson, MS

”I was a food-a-holic. I ate all the time and ate all the wrong things in all the wrong amounts. My fat hormones just took off. I needed to regain control of my urges. I kept putting it off until I got engaged. I really didn’t have an excuse because I wasn’t going to just be living for me anymore. My personal training at VIP Fitness helped me lose 6 inches off my waist in seven weeks, and 20 inches total. Those were great results. I felt and looked good. My wedding dress had to be reduced four times.” Andra- Madison, MS

”Cutting corners was not an option once I made a commitment to VIP Fitness. My personal trainer was in my corner from the very beginning and made sure I did things correctly. He helped me finally start to get the body that I wanted. I've taken my body to the next level. Anyone who wants to see changes, big or small, should check out this place. They won't be sorry.” Megan- Flowood, MS

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Client Testimonial

"I Have Lost 115 lbs"

Janet- Madison, MS

"I'm in the Best Shape That I Have Ever Been"

Amanda- Brandon, MS

"Anthony Can Help You Achieve Your Goals"

Chris- Madison, MS

"I Am Enjoying It"

Virginia- Brandon, MS

"I've Lost 4 Jean Sizes"

Julie- Brandon, MS

"My Training Was Personalized!"

"Before starting with VIP Fitness my biggest problem was sticking with my program, but Anthony was able to keep me motivated and on track. My training was personalized to suit me perfectly and it helped me overcome the obstacles that I had encountered while trying to train on my own. I know with certainty that I would not have the results I do if it weren't for Anthony!" Jaime- Brandon, MS

"I Thought I Knew What To Do!"

"The trainers at VIP Fitness have unlocked an entirely new potential in me. I’m doing things I never thought I would do. It’s honestly worlds better than any workout I’ve ever got in a gym! I thought I got a good workout on my own, only because I never knew what a "real" workout felt like. The difference is night and day." Brad- Madison, MS