Corporate Gyms....A Dying Breed

Posted on Oct 17, 2010 by Anthony

HEY, 1984 called, they want their Corporate gym back! That's right, not only are corporate gyms inconvenient, intimidating and impersonal...they are also outdated. However, there is good news. Thanks to modern day advancements in exercise science and physiology, fitness wizards all around the world have developed new and improved techniques, making those old school gyms obsolete.

From the time you first walk in the gym door, you are hit with fees. Fee this, fee that. You mean you want me to pay you $300+ just to join an outdated, over crowded facility, so that I can sign a 2 year binding contract and give YOU money every month?! Then after I have given you all this money, for nothing in return, you are going to treat me like I'm just a number from this day forward? Turn me loose into the gym with no guidance, unless I pay you more? Even then you give me a "trainer" that could care less who I am because he's making his paycheck no matter what? No thank you! What ever happened to good old fashioned customer service? That still means something if you ask me.

Next, we'll discuss with the annoyances one must deal with while at a gym. Before you can even get into the weight room, from down the hall you hear the loud grunting from that 1 guy who feels it necessary to try to get everyone in the room (which there are about 75 people in there because it is always over crowded) to look at him with every single rep he does. You all know that guy. Once you've finally gotten your Ipod on and tuned him out, you discover that the machine you want to use is currently occupied by 3 guys leaning against it, talking about how much they can lift...that is, if they ever did anything besides stand around and talk. Why do these people even come to the gym? Go to a bar if you want to socialize! (that's my pet peeve, sorry) Once you finally do get to work out, ladies especially, you have all 72 guys in the room staring at you like a slab of beef. This is actually a very uncomfortable and intimidating situation, which can easily cause you to cut your workout short just to hurry up and get out of there. Where's the privacy there? Then you have the uber fit people in the room. The ones in great shape, lifting tons more weight than you ever dreamed of. That is all fine and good, nothing wrong with them. The problem they create, however, is for those of you who are not as far along in your fitness endeavors. They can easily psychologically intimidate you, and not even mean to. It makes you paranoid and feels like they are looking down at you. I used to feel this way. Many times I either tried too hard to "keep up with them", and wound up hurting myself, or I simply lost my motivation thinking I'd never get to their level and cut my workout short.

Finally, let's look at the equipment itself. Unless you are trying to join the world strongman competition, carry boulders around and throw kegs of beer over a 20ft high bar, then the standard gym equipment is not for you. Most of these machines are big, bulky, intimidating and absolutely not necessary (not to mention, they are boring!). In fact, they can even cause your results to suffer. It's true. Most machines seriously limit your range of motion which overtime can cause your secondary muscles to be under developed, your joints to be stiff and decreased flexibility. For years, these machines were great, or at least they got the job done. However, after years of advancements and countless research studies, we have discovered new, much more effective ways of achieving the results you want without the bulky machines.

The solution: Training Studios! Training studios provide privacy, no standing around waiting, no intimidating situations, no bulky equipment that limits your workout and best of all...personal service. People that care about your results. We are in a new era of fitness and training. Today's world is all about being healthy and looking good. Studios provide a better environment to achieve this, along with expert advice to accompany it. After all, if you are going to do something, why not do it right? Build It/ Return to top of Corporate page

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