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My story begins on November 25th of this year, Thanksgiving Day. I have always celebrated with family. Instead, I isolated myself due to an unbearable amount of shame which poured over me. I had physically and mentally become unrecognizable to myself as a result of over-indulging behaviors with food, as well as lack of exercise and healthy choices.

The emotional conflict of incessant weight gain had progressively and successfully disconnected me from the body and self-image I once owned. Years of self-defeating insults became a reality: “my arms look fat; my face looks fat; look at these thunder thighs; way to go Miss Piggy!” Repetition of insult breeds an ugly reality! I felt too ashamed or even motivated to celebrate, especially with food! Am I alone? Does anyone else feel this way?

I am 5’5” tall and have struggled relentlessly and erratically with weight for exactly 15 years (since high school). I’ve ranged from 130 pounds to an overwhelming 180 pounds! I have managed to successfully, but counterproductively mask this pain of discontentment for so long… not any more. I was suddenly standing parallel in the mirror with a picture of repugnance. Tears rolled down my face. That was it! It was time to “get busy living or get busy dying!”

I searched the internet for help! Diet pills, an exercise machine, a diet plan… I was desperate, again!! However, I’d made innumerable attempts in the past to attain my goals and was unsuccessful on countless occasions using these modes of interest. Each unsuccessful stab left me with a deeper sense of failure and disappointment.

I needed something more! I needed someone who could devise a personalized plan in order to help me set attainable and realistic goals. I am not a cookie-cutter person, so I didn’t want an average, conventional trainer blissfully guiding me through the motions! I needed someone to facilitate this process for me and help to alleviate the stress and misery associated with the fear of change and failure. I needed someone who would not judge me and who could devise an extraordinary plan based exclusively on me and my circumstances! I needed someone proficient in the language of exercise and health! I needed direction and motivation! I didn’t know it at the time, but I needed Anthony Reppond!

We met on the Monday following Thanksgiving. I’ve had trainers in the past, but from the moment he introduced himself, I recognized a passion and a level of professionalism distinct from any other trainer I’ve ever known! Anthony knows how difficult it is for someone like me to take that first step!

Prior to our first meeting he asked me to complete “new client questionnaire.” He was interested in my diet, my strengths, my set-backs, my limitations, and my circumstances. Before I ever shook his hand, he was overwrought with desire to get to know me in order to more effectively design a program specifically for my goals. Not only has he been extremely flexible and adaptable to my schedule, he reminds me at every session, with an insurmountable measure of conviction, that he will continue do whatever it takes to reach my goal! All I have to do is simply “stick with him!”

The void in my life, even in just a period of one month, is being filled with a confidence and certainty I’d forgotten existed! I am starting to recognize myself again, smiling, as repetition of positivity unveils a potential inside of me I never would have known if it weren’t for Anthony! I’ve already lost 16lbs, 4.5 inches off my waist and I feel incredible!

If you’re even remotely thinking about wanting to be in a better place physically, mentally, or emotionally, just simply send an email! You don’t even have to talk… I didn’t! He has made this entire process effortless for me! I am positive he can and will do the same for you! I don’t usually air my dirty laundry, as sharing personal information is difficult. However, it’s part of my past now and Anthony has opened the door to my future! Trust me! You have nothing to lose (except maybe your “fat” jeans)! Just take the first step like I did and “get busy living!” You won’t regret it! Build It/ Return to the top of Testimonial page

Client Testimonial

"I Have Lost 115 lbs"

Janet- Madison, MS

"I'm in the Best Shape That I Have Ever Been"

Amanda- Brandon, MS

"Anthony Can Help You Achieve Your Goals"

Chris- Madison, MS

"I Am Enjoying It"

Virginia- Brandon, MS

"I've Lost 4 Jean Sizes"

Julie- Brandon, MS

"My Training Was Personalized!"

"Before starting with VIP Fitness my biggest problem was sticking with my program, but Anthony was able to keep me motivated and on track. My training was personalized to suit me perfectly and it helped me overcome the obstacles that I had encountered while trying to train on my own. I know with certainty that I would not have the results I do if it weren't for Anthony!" Jaime- Brandon, MS

"I Thought I Knew What To Do!"

"The trainers at VIP Fitness have unlocked an entirely new potential in me. I’m doing things I never thought I would do. It’s honestly worlds better than any workout I’ve ever got in a gym! I thought I got a good workout on my own, only because I never knew what a "real" workout felt like. The difference is night and day." Brad- Madison, MS